When I go to business trips I sometimes get various goods of that land .

When I go to business trips I sometimes get various goods of that land ... ・ ・ ・. After all, because it is job priority, I can not say ""delicious thing"" every morning. The other day, I had a business trip on a day trip to Kobe. Speaking of Kobe, Chinese food! It is around Kobe and Yokohama that you can eat authentic Chinese while in the country. There is a shop that will be shy like that. Every time I came to Chinatown there was a shop interesting. Normally, on Saturdays and Sundays a row of long lines is made, not to mention entering the store, even the take-away is in line lined! so! ""Kokoro"" of Kobe Chinatown. Just 4 p.m. when my work settled down. I do not line up at all looking at the shop! Oh! This is a chance for a thousand chances! I thought so, and to the inside of the store as it pulls off. Did it! There is no one! You can eat in the shop! When reading the origin of the shop which was stretched on the wall, this shop that made the name ""Buutan"" was made! It seems to be said. Cheap as 90 yen per piece! Order it, hotly ... This is iterative as ""hot!"" ""Delicious!"" ""Hot!"", But it was really tasty! A rich leather and juicy piece! This is convincing that we can have a matrix! Domestic travel! Although it is not an elegant feeling, it is a delicious dish between small business trips of salaried workers! Definitely Kobe Chinatown ""Shoshoki"" was delicious.

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