Last year I will try to introduce regional cuisine when I went to Okinawa ...

Last year I will try to introduce regional cuisine when I went to Okinawa 3 days trip. First of all, speaking of the staple of Okinawa, it is Goya cuisine no matter what. Among them, Goya Champloo is a classic, but I've tried introducing it here because I experienced a strange goya dish. It is ""Goya's vinegar attachment"". Just slice the goya into vinegar. The shop there also contained chili as an accent. A clerk says, although it does not feel delicious at the beginning, it is a taste that makes a habit while eating. So there is one bite ... Hmmm ... It is certainly not delicious at all ... What's this? I feel it. The taste is not gon be eaten with the feeling that Goya is completely defeated by vinegar. The clerk was also laughing as if it was no use, and is the day when it really becomes a habit? I thought that the goya vinegar is applied with bonito and sweet soy sauce, it is a word of everyone to eat. It was lightning here. It is extremely delicious. What was the way of eating up to a while ago? As I asked, I used to eat people who are used to it earlier, the first person said that Kotch is better ... Before saying that. But this encounter was really good. It is certainly the best for those who like vinegar. This also goes well with beer again. I am going to hurt so quickly .... It is truly a mystery, it is a dish that you want to eat and remember when summer approaches. Also, if you eat, you will not have summer battle, improve your appetite, power it, blow away the heat. This is also proven, the state of the body the next morning is very fine. I understood the effect really soon. If you think about it, the combination of gourmet with high nutritional value and good vinegar on the body is just a demon to a demon. Goya is now in the summer season. Please make it by thinking that it was deceived because it can make easily. Initially? It is a taste, but it is really delicious when you get used to it. This summer's beer snack is decided by this.

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